Why I Started a Blog

When I moved off campus at the beginning of my second year of university, I decided that I was going to take up cooking as a hobby. I had to cook for myself anyway, so why not get some joy out of it? I started with a simple Google search of the best recipe blogs, and focused on the ones that provided easy, healthy recipes. I bookmarked my favourite blogs on my computer, and that was how my love of cooking began – by experimenting with the recipes posted by a number of talented bloggers and food photographers. I would (and still do!) browse the blogs every morning while I eat my breakfast, seeking for inspiration for my next cooking adventure. After I became more comfortable in the kitchen, I began to try my hand at creating my own recipes – mostly gluten-free, dairy-free, and healthy enough to provide the nourishment to get me through long days of studying and living an active lifestyle.

In addition to my love of cooking, I’ve always been passionate about sports and fitness; I’ve played basketball since I was 8, I love to run, and I really enjoy creating circuit workouts to complete at the gym. Staying physically active not only keeps my body healthy, it refreshes my mind and brings balance to my life as a student.

I created Nibble to Nourish to bring together three of my interests – writing, food, and fitness – and to share these interests with others. I will post recipes that are packed full of nutrients, workout routines that will leave you sweaty and exhausted, and tips about staying healthy in university.

Here are the kinds of posts you can expect in addition to recipes and workouts:

  • Things I eat in a day
  • Workout challenges (such as an ab workout challenge for a month)
  • Diet experiments (such as cutting out refined sugar for a period of time)
  • Cookbook reviews
  • Advice and general musings about life in university

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you’re interested in following along with my adventures in healthy eating and fitness, you can subscribe in the sidebar to be notified about new posts.


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