Hello! My name is Mackenzie. I’m a third year university student and lover of nibbling on healthy snacks, running, playing basketball, and eating too much trail mix.

Nibble to Nourish is where I share my love for experimenting with healthy recipes, staying fit, and living joyfully as a university student. When I moved off campus after first year and into a student house, I developed a love for food blogs and trying out new recipes in my tiny kitchen (which I share with 6 other people!). Slowly, I transitioned into creating more of my own recipes, focused on fresh, real foods that give me the energy to get through busy days as a student.

My outlook on eating is simple: eat the colourful, nutritious food that makes your body feel great, and fuels an active lifestyle. While there’s no single style of eating that will work well for everyone, I eat a primarily gluten and dairy free, and try to stick to natural sugars as much as I can, because this is the diet that my body runs best on. I also don’t eat red meat, so the recipes I share on the blog will either be vegetarian, or include chicken and turkey.

For me, part of maintaining balance in university is finding fun ways to be active every day, whether it’s running on trails, hiking, playing pick-up basketball with my friends, or going to the gym for a killer circuit workout. On the blog, I’ll often talk about my running tips and goals, and provide the details of the fitness circuits I complete, which I find to be a very time-efficient way to stay fit.

Thanks for stopping by Nibble to Nourish!

Feel free to contact me any time: mackenzie@nibbletonourish.com