Sweet Potato Breakfast Platter w/Poached Egg

This plate of delicious Mexican flavours would be perfect for any meal, but I’ve decided to call it a breakfast platter because of the poached egg. The recipe has a few different components, but they’re all easy to prepare, and the dish is assembled simply by stacking all the ingredients. With a combination of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats, this meal is the perfect way to start a busy day.

Sweet potato platter

sweet potato platter top view

Lately I’ve been a fan of savoury breakfast recipes, particularly eggs. When I start my day off with a combination of protein and fat, it usually keeps me full until lunch. Although I wake up early, my earliest class doesn’t start until 10:30, so I like to take some time to make a delicious, healthy, and filling breakfast. Ensuring that I have breakfast and that my meal is healthy sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Most days, I use sweet potato as the source of carbohydrates in my breakfast, whether it is in wedges with scrambled eggs on the side, with a poached egg on top, or in the form of a breakfast bowl (like this amazing Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl from Healthy Liv). In addition to their delicious taste, sweet potatoes are a good source of iron, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Avocados are another one of my favourite breakfast foods; they are a great source of healthy fatty acids, as well as potassium.

breakfast platter ingredients

The sweet potato in this recipe takes about 30 minutes to bake, so it’s best to make this recipe when you’re just doing work at your house in the morning, rather than rushing to class or work. This breakfast platter is also great for a weekend brunch. When I make this recipe, I wake up, peel and slice half a sweet potato into thin rounds, and put it in the oven. Then I go about my morning routine of washing my face, drinking lemon water, and making a cup of green tea or coffee. As the sweet potato cooks, I drink my coffee and lemon water, and get started on the first task on my to-do list.

sweet potato on baking sheet

If you haven’t prepared the black beans in advance, you should start preparing them about 15 minutes into the cook time of the sweet potato so that both components are finished at the same time. This recipe uses Mexican Seasoned Black Beans, which can be prepared a day or two beforehand (the beans do not have to be warm for this recipe – the platter tastes great warm or cold!). The black bean recipe makes 1 1/2 cups of beans and this recipe only uses 1/4-1/2 cup, so the black beans can be stored in the fridge to whip up another breakfast platter the next day (or to be used in another recipe).

cooking black beans

spoonful of black beans

Once the sweet potato is cooked, place the sweet potato rounds on a plate, slightly overlapping. Then, stack the other components on top – black beans, then salsa, then sliced avocado. Finally, poach an egg and place it on top of the breakfast platter. I usually season my platter with a little black pepper sprinkled on top, and if I have cilantro around, I’ll chop that up and add it to the top of the dish as well. If you want to pack this dish full of some extra greens, you could also put a layer of baby spinach underneath the sweet potato.

sweet potato platter side view

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Sweet Potato Breakfast Platter w/Poached Egg
Course Breakfast
Course Breakfast
  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. Place rounds of sweet potato onto a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. Cook in oven for 30 minutes, until the sweet potato is soft and the tops are brown.
  3. If you have not prepared the black beans in advance, follow recipe for Mexican Seasoned Black Beans.
  4. Poach an egg (link to poaching instructions provided in Recipe Notes)
  5. To assemble the platter, place sweet potato slices on a plate with their sides overlapping slightly.
  6. Add Mexican Seasoned Black Beans on top, followed by salsa.
  7. Next, add avocado, and top with the poached egg. Season with black pepper as desired.
Recipe Notes

The recipe for Mexican Seasoned Black Beans makes approximately 1 1/2 cups of beans. As this recipe only uses 1/4-1/2 cup of beans (depending on preference), the extra beans can be covered and saved in the fridge to use in another recipe.

For instructions on how to poach an egg, see this post.